Futurama Official Bios                                                                   FRY

Species: Human Gender: Male Full Name: Philip J. Fry Occupation: Intergalactic Delivery Boy; Formerly, Pizza Delivery Boy; Formerly, Boy. Goals: Win Leela's heart, fit five pool balls in mouth, save universe. Activities: Since Coming To The Future: Became emperor of alien planet; Rescued Bender from Robot Hell; Journeyed into own colon Before Coming To The Future: Delivered cheese pizza; Emperor of cardboard fort A delivery boy with no future, Fry was accidentally frozen on December 31st, 1999, when a pizza delivery went horribly awry. He awoke a thousand years later to find himself in New New York City, a wonderland of robots, aliens, stars, moons, and clovers. Fry soon went to work at the Planet Express delivery company, run by his great- great-great...great-great- nephew, Hubert Farnsworth. With his best friend Bender and off- again, off-again girlfriend Leela, he travels the universe, boldly going where no pizza boy has gone before.


Species: Robot Gender: Manbot Occupation: Looking Busy Nemesis: Magnets Delightful Quips: "Kill All Humans." "Bite My Shiny Metal Ass." "I was near the scene of another crime at the time, officer." Fueled By: Alcohol, Cigar Smoke, Desire For Revenge Built to bend girders, Bender got fed up with his career and began a new life as part of the Planet Express delivery crew, along with his best friend, Fry. In his free time, he enjoys gambling, cooking, stealing, folk singing, bending, computer dating, and dating computers.


Species: Unknown Birthplace: Unknown Gender: Female Depth Perception: Poor Full Name: Turanga Leela Occupation: Captain and Pilot of the Planet Express Delivery Ship Favorite Kung-Fu Moves: Crouching Tiger, Disemboweling Parrot Leela is a sexy cyclops whose character, intelligence, and willingness to clobber make her a natural leader. Abandoned on earth as a baby and raised at the Cookieville Minimum Security Orphanarium, she is tormented by the mystery of her origins, as well as by the clumsy romantic advances of her coworker, Fry.


Species: Human Gender: Male Full Name: Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth Age: 150 (Stated); 160 (Actual) Occupation: Mad Scientist; Founder of Planet Express Delivery Company Awards: Nobel Physics Prize (for inventing his doomsday machine) and Nobel Peace Prize (for not using it). Relation to Fry: Great- great-great…great-great- nephew Intelligence: Doddering, but still smarter than you.


Species: Decapodian Gender: Male Full Name: Dr. John Zoidberg Occupation: Staff Physician Woes: Poverty, Hunger, Incompetence, Loneliness, Foul Odor Super-Powers: Squirts Ink; Coughs up pearls; Ability to clip coupons with claws Hobbies: Stand-up Comedy; Eating garbage; Performing delicate surgery while doing stand-up and eating garbage Main Shortcomings as Doctor: Inability to tell male from female; inability to tell heart from intestine; inablility to tell patient from pile of steaks


Species: Human Nationality: Martian Gender: Female. Can I put down cute, too? Full Name: Amy Wong Occupation: Planet Express Intern; Student at Mars University Mega-Rich Parents: Leo and Inez Wong, of the Mars Wongs Boyfriend: Lieutenant Kif Kroker of the Democratic Order of Planets Hobbies: Party-boarding; Hyper-shopping; Being- John-Malkoviching Identifying Mark: Obscene Tattoo


Species: Human Nationality: Jamaican Gender: Mon Full Name: Hermes Conrad, Bureaucrat 37 Occupation: Official Bureaucrat of Planet Express Favorite Forms of Relaxation: Filing forms; Stamping forms; Shredding forms; Limbo Tax Deductions: Wife LaBarbara; Son Dwight; Basement "oregano" farm


Species: Human Gender: All Man Occupation: Highly decorated Captain of the "Nimbus," a Democratic Order of Planets starship Nickname for Bedroom: The Love-Nasium Also Known As: The skirt-wearing skirt-chaser Opinion of Self: Positive Long Suffering Underling: Kif Kroker Fabric of Choice: Velour Top Achievements: Defeating the Killbots; Squeezing into his girdle; Leela


Gender: Male-ish Occupation: Lieutenant on board the "Nimbus," a Democratic Order of Planets starship Overbearing Superior Officer: Zapp Brannigan Suction Cups On Extremities: You bet! Skeleton: None. Supported by a system of fluid-filled bladders. Girlfriend: Amy Wong Favorite Sigh: Heavy NIBBLER

Species: Nibblonian Gender: Male Occupation: Leela's beloved pet Significant Role in Struggle to Save Universe: Stay tuned! Typical Breakfast: Eight Yaks Typical Excrement: Super dense dark matter, suitable for use as starship fuel Typical Outfit: Smelly diaper, dashing cape


Species: Human Gender: Crone Occupation: Mega-tycoon owner of Mom's Friendly Robot Company Public Persona: Pleasingly plump grandma Private Persona: Emaciated, foul-mouthed robber-baroness Only Man She Ever Loved: Professor Hubert Farnsworth Stooge-like Sons: Walt, Larry, Igner Favorite Activity: Slapping stooge-like sons