This is personal work of Sanjeev;

I shared them here, so that friends can view and download at their free time.
Each section is divided in to sub-category on IDON'TKNOWNWHAT basis!. I tried to keep images small(sometime at the cost of resolution), if you have slow connection, be patient. If you like to have high resolution copy of any image, send me a request! sponsored this site; Thax! [alas, they have are going pay based. Now webpage size limited to 20 against previous 50MB].

Why name purpleorange?
Oh, yeh. I find it snappy; and so easy to remember. But it also signifies my interest in colors!. I took photos whenever I liked, whenever a situation looked frame-able. Since I been to few countries, so you will find different fragrance in each image!. If you find any photo admirable then, I attribute those nice images to Canon. What a fine masterpiece is EOS300.

I like to hear your comments(note the twitst in the emailid).

your comments are the necessary components of my next work and for maintaining this web site. If you find any image could have been done better, please drop me a mail. If you want any images to be removed from this site, let me know the reasons why you think so, I may remove it. Commenrical use of any image without permission is not allowed.

History 07July2005 I was not able updated this site since such a long time (exactly 7 months) and I couldn’t take any pictures. I am so lost in work. However I should be getting back with new pictures within month…watch out! (Mean time visit 09Dec2004 Tripod killed by two works, Trying to get back the work online again :( 09Jun2003 added new pictures of interlaken, jungfrau region. along with Cologne Carnival 2003. Getting fanatical with website size control. 02Jun2003 added new movies seen. packge ready for upload. currently it 21MB, a MB more than tripod throws at me. thinking of coming up with a website...any sponsers? 13Apr2003 redesigned few pages; put up new images 'hiking' in current work section; supported frames non-supportive browsers!;added sitemap;images and pages will be load even when frames are missing!;dropped hitcount logging!!;