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fun zone

doesn't matter whether you can understand German or not; this site is 24-caret humorous. full of funny audio/video/pix...Autsch top


Here she's is and take her home... nelly furtado E.I...ride with me... nelly Gus Gus if you like techno top

Book review(s)

'The Da Vinci Code' by Dan Brown    Rating:
Please read this book! I must say Dan has done lot of research to come up with so convincing thriller, it almost edges you to suspect the Vatican!...more
'Angela's Ashes' by Frank McCourt    Rating:
This novel is memoir of Frank's childhood, Limerick's poverity and so on. Its stunning how author makes you laugh while narrating miserable childhood of a Catholic. It's just a wonderful to read and wonder how he survived all this...more

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'The Death of Vishu' by Manil Suri
'Dogs of Riga' by Henning Mankell
'Voilets are blue' by James Patterson
'The Fifth Woman' by Henning Mankell
'Faceless Killers' by Henning Mankell
'SideTracked' by Henning Mankell
'Galileo's daughter' by Dava Sobel
'Timeline' by Michael Crichton
'Airframe' by Michael Crichton
'Longitude' by Dava Sobel
'the treason of the ghosts' by paul doherty
'Roses are Red' by James Patterson

Movie review(s)

Matrix Reloaded    Rating:
A must see followup, but doesn't live upto the first one. I didn't like the pace, some dialogs & stunts. The comic performance of year is when Morfeus gives public speech. Can you h(b)ear that hollow sound?...more

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7 Zwerge
Shrek 2
X-men 2
X-men 2
Blair Witch Project
Punch Drunk love
Sexy beast
Snow Dogs
The Ring
Darkness Falls
3000 miles to graceland
Osmosis Jones
Lords Of the Ring, The Two Towers
JamesBond 007, Die Another Day
The Pianist
minority report
kick it like beckham
my first mister
40 days & 40 nights
Spider Man
Mansoon Wedding
I am Sam
in the bed room
the man who wasn't there
blade II
panic room
Bzz, a short cut movie
Beautiful mind, the
Ice Age
The Heaven
Lords of the Ring, Fellowship
Planet of Apes
Lara croft, tomb rider
madmax 2, the road warrior
the ghost ship
don't say a word
final fantasy

Photographic mumbo-jumbo(s)

online photo learning

virtual exposure learning

national geographic

canon camera museum

the American Society of Media Photographers


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